Phyllis Malgieri


Phyllis Malgieri


Ms. Malgieri began her career over 25 years ago as Ron Fischetti’s paralegal/legal assistant. Spending her time over the two plus decades closely intertwined with office matters, she assisted in numerous federal and state criminal trials including United States v. Charles Schwarz, a civil rights case that spanned seven years and three trials.

Inspired by the help Ron provided to countless numbers of clients, Ms. Malgieri sought out her professional license. In 2003, fueled with passion for the law, she attended Fordham Law School at night while running Fischetti’s firm by day. In 2007 she graduated, ready to make her mark in the field, and by January 1, 2010, Ms. Malgieri became a named partner in the firm.

As partner, Ms. Malgieri continues to practice in the area of white collar and non-white collar criminal defense. She has been involved in a number of federal and state trials with Ron. Whether in the courtroom or in the office, appearing before judges, clients, or colleagues, Ms. Malgieri is highly regarded for her compassion for clients and dedication to the practice.

As a member of the Federal Bar Council, Ms. Malgieri has served on numerous committees including the Inns of Court and the Federal Bar Council membership committee. Her enthusiasm for the practice of law and continuing legal education have inspired others to broaden their networks. Since becoming an attorney, she has devoted countless hours to mentoring young law students.

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(212) 593-7100

Bar Admissions

  • NY Supreme Court
  • Appellate Division Second Department
  • Southern District of New York
  • Eastern District of New York
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
  • Supreme Court of the United States – April 2019


  • J.D. – Fordham University School of Law

Professional Affiliations

  • American Bar Association
  • Association of the Bar of the City of New York
  • Federal Bar Council
  • Federal Bar Council Inns of Court
  • New York Council of Defense Lawyers
  • New York County Lawyers Association
  • Federal Bar Council, Membership Committee
  • New York State Bar Association